Wednesday November 27, 2013

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It’s that time of the year, when queer moviegoers sync their calendars and social media buzzes with chatter and tweets about the pending cinematic sex scenes – it’s the Inside Out Festival – Ottawa’s queer film festival. 


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Oddly Normal, an eye-opening story for families who hope to bring up well-adjusted gay adults. Three years ago, John Schwartz, a national correspondent at The New York Times, got the call that every parent hopes never to receive: his thirteen-year-old son, Joe, was in the hospital following a failed suicide attempt.

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Totem typeqIn 2012 Cirque du Soleil broke boundaries by having the first female clown duo in a romantic relationship in a show. Amaluna was the first women centric show by the international leader in circus entertainment, with women starring both on and off stage.  Amaluna debuted in Montreal, and later in Toronto to mixed reviews. The company's latest show however, Totem, has received international acclaim.  

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sappho1Imagine a long-haired Sappho trapezing on a rope while maneuvering her way around the bare bones of scaffolding. Now imagine a young actor playing the part of Sappho’s love but in another world, an alternative world where she falls for an older woman.

Imagine spoken word, movement and the musings on an ancient Greek poet weaved into a play with nine parts. This is the world of Sappho…in 9 fragments, by Jane Montgomery Griffiths and directed by Ottawa’s own, Jessica Ruano.

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vibratorplayThe set-up: Trying to cure people’s various psychological ailments and frustrations with an electrically-powered vibrating machine pressed up against their nether regions, or inside their anal cavity.

The punch line: Nobody, except the audience, knows these “cures” for hysteria are medically induced orgasms.

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vday2013 typeQIt’s not often women have the license to talk about their vaginas and share their thoughts with the wider community. But that is what's happening this weekend when The Vagina Monologues opens at the Bronson Centre.

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billyelliot nacBilly Elliot opened to two standing ovations at the National Art Centre (NAC) Tuesday Dec 31 st.

Set in the backdrop of the 1980s United Kingdom’s miners strike, it follows the story of Billy Elliot a 12-year-old boy who is looking to find himself.

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sleepingbeauty1 NACAndré Lewis is a legend. As a young dancer Lewis trained in Ottawa, but after being discovered by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) he packed up his bags and with little adieu moved to find his new home on the prairie [photo credit: David Cooper].

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sexualovertones 1Meet the Sexual Overtones: they are a funny, quirky and sex positive vaudeville troupe whose shows rock the crowd with wild and sometimes outrageous acts. After a two year hiatus the troupe is back and will be performing in Winternude, on Saturday January 19th, at St Brigids Centre for the Arts.

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AkramKhan NACAkram Khan Company l DESH ~ NAC

November 14th - 16th

Hailed as an international treasure following his singular contribution to the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, Akram Khan returns to Ottawa with DESH

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