Wednesday November 27, 2013

Chairing Capital Pride

Written by Noreen Fagan

Loresa2Loresa Novy is a busy woman. During the day she leads the Hep C program at Jer’s Vision and is the Ottawa coordinator for the Inside Out film festival. She is also active in the queer community and has just finished her year as Chair of Capital Pride.

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Jessica Freedman is a woman a step ahead (or out) of her time. She challenges ageist stereotypes, gender theory and the homonormative – not just by her outspokenness or her involvement with the Dyke March Committee and PTS, Ottawa’s Centre for Queer People – but by her very presence.

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I have met Loresa Novy, Chair of Capital Pride, many times over the past few years, but I have never had the pleasure of sitting down with her until this past week. It's a sunny day when we meet over coffee at Sconewitch, a downtown cafe near where Novy works as manager of the Day of Pink and HepC programming at Jer's Vision.


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On June 18, After Stonewall, Ottawa's only queer bookstore will go up for sale. For the last 22 years the store, with its outrageous window displays and eclectic book selection, has been an anchor for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities.

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It’s a grey, rainy day when I meet Clair Sarda at my local coffee shop. I see her run across the road holding a jacket over her head trying to ward off the rain. She is wearing black trousers, a grey jacket, heels and a funky pair of black glasses with pink trim. She sits down at the table, slightly wet but with a friendly smile that melts away any reservations I may have had of meeting her for the first time.

Sarda is a vivacious 50-something woman who loves her second career as a financial broker. Two decades ago Sarda worked in high tech before she was laid off and forced into making a different career choice.

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